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Dual view, low conveyor X-ray system for screening ULD type freight and ISO standard pallets.


A generous tunnel size and heavy duty design for pallet and air cargo X-ray screening.


Feature-rich X-ray baggage inspection system for screening large carry-on baggage and parcels at the checkpoint.

Evolv Express

Evolv Express™ powered by the Evolv Cortex AI Software Platform delivers the only frictionless high-speed smart firearm and bomb detection system that screens over 3600 of people per hour (60 people per minute) and gets smarter over time.

Evolv Edge

The Evolv Edge™ consistently scans visitors and employees for weapons and bombs. It provides confidence and peace of mind, so people can be safe without worry.

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Casedist, Inc.

Casedist Inc. is a security equipment and systems solutions provider since 2005. We offer comprehensive security systems from top caliber suppliers. We are a trusted partner of various Government agencies, engage in customs and border, aviation, sea ports, defense and law enforcement. Casedist Inc. is also a preferred choice by private companies engage in cargo delivery, critical infrastructures, hotels and resorts, casinos and banks.

As the countries leading security equipment and systems provider, we are dedicated to give our customers cost effective and innovative products and services.

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